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Want strength training that leads to outstanding athletic performance?

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With P2 Personal Training’s Astro-Durance Training - you learn how to build muscle, get stronger, run faster, throw farther and jump higher!


You Harness the Power!

Javelin Throw

Getting your bungee on allows you, the athlete, to power train with both vertical and horizontal based exercise routines that place no pressure on the joints. Rev your cardio in less than a minute and power work your core!

In sports, force vector studies that determine exercise, transfer to sports performance, horizontal exercise routines like hip thrusts; outperformed frontal moves like squats in building a strong ‘horizontal force key’ to sport performance; especially for sprinters and Javelinists! Astro-Durance Bungee Training is a diverse horizontal, motion based training program - a must for every serious athlete!

We have found that a combination of Astro-Durance Bungee and hands on field training is a dynamic duo to building endurance, strength, speed, power, cardio, stamina and increasing flexibility and balance. Motion based bungee training builds all the muscle groups without the stress and strain on bones and joints.


“Save your joints for real-time, live events and get your bungee on!”

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Olympic and Sports Evaluations

Call P2 Personal Training to make an appointment with Olympic Coach, Sonia Radicheva for a total fitness and sport evaluation to see what sport you, or your child (age eight years and older), has a natural ability to perform well in. For those who already excel in a sport, an evaluation will help determine if you have the potential to train for the Olympics. Learn what going for the gold is all about and what champions need to do to win.

Olympic and Sports Evaluations take an hour, and include:National Sports Academy

  • Thorough assessment of present physical fitness level and identification of any natural gift and/or potential
  • A complete fitness evaluation to test strengths, assess muscle groups, speed, reflex, eye and hand coordination, throw distances and performance power
  • Analysis of strengths to expand, and weak areas to be developed
  • Discussion of potential talent, sports, and Olympic divisions that match the fitness skills of the person
  • Total work out to test strength, endurance, cardio, stamina, flexibility, balance and sports skills
  • Discussion on realistic training requirements and at home work out exercises and commitment
  • Consultation and discussion on required effort, personal discipline, and realistic time tables to accomplish goals


At the end of the hour, each will have undergone a fitness test workout for their age, health, and skill level. Each will receive an honest assessment of individual body type traits, gifts, strengths as well as weak areas that need improving. Most of all, each will have the opportunity to discuss their options and future possibilities with an Olympic Medal Winner and Graduate of The National Academy of Sports - Vasil Levski in Sophie, Bulgaria, of which she was also an Olympic Coach there for 13 years. Sonia has a combined total of 66 medals between herself and the Olympic competitors she has trained over the last 37 years.


More Achievements:Sports Academy Vasil Levski

  • Graduate and 13 years Olympic Coach at Vasil Levski National Academy of Sports, Sophie, Bulgaria
  • Thirteen years’ experience as a weight training coach with the National Olympic Team for Greece
  • Fourth level black belt in Shotokan Karate
  • Federal Track and Field Coach
  • Head coach for Tennis National Olympic Team, Athens, Greece (2000 to 2013)
  • Assistant Coach for National Olympic Javelin, Athens, Greece (2000 to 2003 and 2011 to 2013)
  • USA Coach for National Track and Field – (present)
  • Many personal training achievements in coaching Olympic Champions
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