What is Live, Interactive Virtual Training?

Some people are familiar with online coaching or On Demand Fitness; however, live, interactive virtual training takes those two types of training to the next level. It puts the trainer in the room with you. It gives you the accountability of an in person fitness session with the convenience of an On Demand workout. You get your workout anytime or anywhere, live streaming through your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even your smart TV.

You visit our P2 Personal Training website and schedule an appointment with the fitness professional of your choice. Search the schedule for your class and trainer of choice using our live stream scheduling portal. You will create a personal login on our portal site, and can select a package, schedule and pay right there! When it’s time for your appointment or class, you go back into the schedule on our P2PT live stream fitness portal and join the virtual session using your laptop or electronic device.* It’s that easy!

You will see a live stream of your trainer in a large window on your screen. Your trainer will see a live stream of you in a large window on their screen. The aspect ratio makes it easy for your trainer to demonstrate exercises for you, motivate you, and watch your form. A live professional will make sure you are doing the exercises properly, injury-free and at the right intensity…. All without driving anywhere!

What You Get With Live, Interactive Virtual Training

Most people just don’t have the willpower to work out on their own, they need accountability. Live, interactive virtual training is all about accountability but it makes it easy since you don’t have to drive somewhere, you can be held accountable wherever you happen to be.

With interactive virtual training, you get direct access to your trainer with real-time feedback. Whether they are giving you a workout and showing you the exercises you will be performing or running you through a one-on-one personal training session you are receiving a fitness plan that is tailored to you and unique to your trainer and their skills.

Live, Interactive Virtual Training – the Future of the Fitness Industry

It’s cost-effective

The overhead for live, interactive virtual training is much lower than when you go to the gym so trainers can charge less while earning more, it’s a win-win for personal trainers and their clients.

It’s simple

You log in to your account, join the session, and begin the workout. You can literally be anywhere there is an internet connection and be with your favorite trainer getting a great workout designed just for you.

It’s customized to you and your lifestyle

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who has to use their wiggly baby as a weight or you are the “As Seen on TV” impulse shopper that has everything from a Shake Weight to Chuck Norris’ Total Gym, your trainer can tailor the workout to what you have available to you as well as fit it into your personal goals.

Highly flexible

Forget needing to reschedule appointments with your personal trainer because your kids have come down with a wicked avian flu bug or having to drive like a maniac after work to meet your trainer during rush hour. You can schedule your workouts to fit in with your lifestyle. There’s no need to pay for appointments you can’t keep. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live; you can have a Thai Chi teacher from Indonesia and a Yoga teacher from India if you want, as long as you have access to the internet.

It’s for everyone

Nutrition and exercise are important to everyone but not everyone is interested in going to a gym or joining an exercise class. With live, interactive virtual training you no longer have an excuse not to start on the path to a healthy lifestyle. The tools are out there for you to get affordable, effective workouts as long as you have the desire to live your healthiest lifestyle possible.