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For Veterans and Guardians

GForce Fitness Al Pike for P2 Training 

P2 Personal Training has been passionate about the wellbeing of our military veterans since our inception. We have incorporated ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee fitness and rehabilitation system in meeting their needs. It has been a remarkable and fun method of exercising pain free and is loved by veterans we have served while improving their physical and mental well-being.

P2 Personal Training is thrilled to be a pilot G-Force Fitness studio, which is a collaboration of non-profit Veterans Are Foundation and ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Systems. Veterans Are Foundation (VAF), a registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, is dedicated to building a bridge of hope from public service to civilian and/or retired life for financially challenged Military Veterans and First Responders.

The Veterans Are Foundation and ASTRO-DURANCE® collaboration has given birth to G-Force Fitness to bring dramatic life-change for U.S. military veterans and guardians (first responders). The benefit for vets is already time tested at our P2 Personal Training studio to provide fast and miraculous improvements for clients who are recovering from surgeries and who suffer from injuries. These include debilitating disorders like PTSD, TBI, Arthritis, Muscular Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and more.

G-Force Fitness, administered by VAF, will assist by providing scholarships for our worthy veterans and first responders in need so they can receive life-changing bungee fitness! Veterans and Guardians can qualify to be sponsored financially by VAF to be able to attend regular ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness workouts at P2 Personal Training’s studio in Cape Coral, Florida.

Interested Veterans and Guardians may contact VAF Director Rich about how to be sponsored to take part in the G-Force Fitness program! Anyone may also enjoy visiting the Veterans Are Foundation website to learn more about them and how they might help fund G-Force Fitness scholarships themselves!

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