How far will you go to succeed?

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P2 Personal Training uses programs that are tailored to your needs that will fit in with your lifestyle.P2P-logo-250

Nutrition and diet are also a major part of achieving health and fitness goals.

P2 Personal Trainers have helped many people get the body and lifestyle change that they want. P2 will take anybody on as a client. P2 has a high success rate with their clients with their goals being met.

P2 Personal Trainers like a challenge. P2PT Personal Trainers are all about results! You will see your body change in the first 2 weeks, GUARANTEED! You do what we teach you and you will lose 1 size within 3 weeks.

Freepik PullUpsPersonal Fitness Training

One to one personal training sessions in your home, gym, P2 studio, or outdoors, P2PT tailors Specifically to our client needs.


Core StrengtheningFreepik Aerobics-4-100

Your core muscles are the ones that help stabilize your body and keep your posture correct. If you had a bad back or poor core strength, we will show you a range of great core workouts to give you a strong core and a flat stomach.


Muscle Toning and BuildingFreepik BarBells-100

Muscle burns calories, building up your muscles tone not only make you look good but increase you metabolism, gives you strength. With P2 you can be assured of getting a great resistance training program too tone your body, give it strength and FEEL ALIVE!


Weight Loss and ToningFreepik JumpRope

Tired of being overweight?

Here at P2 Personal Training we will show you the quickest, safest and best way to slim down, condition, and build endurance to your body.

You will feel alive!


Freepik Aerobics-2Older Adult Training

Quality of life is directly dependent on our fitness levels. Taking time to exercise will help you participate in the events that are important to you.

Balance, endurance, strong heart, controlling diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, help strengthen your muscles.

It's time for you to FEEL ALIVE again!


Running and Marathon RunningFreepik Run

Whether you are a true beginner or an experience competitive runner, there are many reasons to consider P2 Personal Training services.

  • Beginning a running program from square one
  • Training to complete shorter events from the 5k to the half marathon
  • Completing your first marathon safely and successfully.
  • Improving upon your finish time and level of conditioning level from a previous marathon or shorter race.
  • Structuring your training in your busy lifestyle, maximizing its benefits while reducing the chance of injury.
  • Taking your running to the next level by including advance training techniques to your routine.


Freepik Aerobics-8-100Group Training

Personal training in groups are really motivating with a great atmosphere. Get your family and friends involved and build a great support team!

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