The Mission of P2 Personal Training

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Our mission at P2 Personal Training is to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals for a better life. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of client success. We are grateful to all of you who have entrusted in us to help you change your life for the better. If you aren’t already a client its ok call us and schedule a time that we can meet with you and go over our program and show you that you are not wasting any of your time.

At P2 Personal Training, we will help you create your own success story!

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Patty and her Astro-Heroes are in the Fast Lane of the #FitnessStudio world!

Get Your Bungee On at P2 Personal Training!

Visit us in Cape Coral, Florida. But if you can’t, contact your gym, rehab center, or fitness studio about adding Astro-Durance Bungee System to your workout soon! They will be proud to have THE Made in the USA #BungeeTraining system! #AstroBungee #AstroDurance #BungeeWorkout #PersonalTrainer #FitnessStudio

What makes a certified trainer an Astro Hero Trainer?

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Aside from an impressive resume, P2 Personal Training’s Astro Hero Trainers do more than looking good on paper. They possess intangible assets that are rare to find. Assets that are not always seen between the lines of drying ink, but definitely stand out when the trainer is in motion. Assets that bring new life to P2PT and its’ clientele! Quite simply, P2PT calls it “Heart and Soul.” It’s something that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t and P2PT Astro Hero Trainers have the lion’s share!

Simply put, P2PT Astro Hero Trainers possess an inner passion to help others; not for fame or riches, but for the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives!

P2 Personal Training’s “Astro Durance Hero Trainers” are;

  • They are fitness professionals involved in exercise prescription and instruction.
  • They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to their clients. They measure their clients’ strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after a workout program to measure their client’s improvements in physical fitness.
  • They educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutritional guidelines.

 Astro Hero Trainer – Aaron Bathory

Aaron Trains Chris

Meet Astro-Hero Trainer Patty Cummings

P2 Patty

“People ask me where I got my Astro-Durance© bungee set up all the time. They are curious where it came from. They ask, is it out of L.A.? New York? They are blown away when I tell them, it’s my own concept and my own custom-made creation.”

Patty says the second question they ask is “How and what made her think of this?”

Patty explained that over the years she has helped many clients that have limited mobility due to sports injuries, arthritic challenges, bad knees, hips, etc. She assisted clients and knew there had to be a way for those with restrictions to get their cardio up and do a thorough workout without causing further pain and/or aggravating an existing problem.

She had physically been using the bungee cord for so many of her clients and tried many techniques to assist them to perform exercises around their restrictions. One day it hit her. I need bungee cords designed to help others work out, without adding pressure to joints and bone. So, where did she find this wonderful bungee set up?

“Believe me, I looked. I wanted to just go out and buy it but no one had it. In searching online I did find young, 102 pounds, beautiful oriental dancers floating around with ease doing ballet dance routines on long wires with delicate-looking harnesses. But, trust me, the setup used for these petite individuals would not fit my needs! Nor would it work for clients that had no core development and/or physical limitations like bad hips and knees. So I went to the drawing board and through a lot of trial and error in devising a system that would allow people to get a great workout, regardless of age, shape, size, and weight. The system, I now call Astro-Durance© Bungee Training was quite a process.”

According to Patty, it was basic math 101, a bit of seven equals square over pi and more Tesla facts than Einstein theories. Above all, we have to mention another factor, one she calls “Bungee Angel Prayers.” She claims these were necessary for testing the prototypes, especially since she was the human guinea pig in all early ASTRO-DURANCE® flight tests. Of course, we also needed the right metal worker to build her ideas and contraptions that were in her head and on scraps of paper.

“One day, way off in the future, I might show the video of the very first bungee set up I made and my test run. Trust me it was not what you see today. The first prototype at first looked to me like a dream come true. I was so excited. A short time later, my prototype was looking more like it came out of a box of stuff at a garage sale, with a tag on it that read ‘box of stuff $1.00!’ Actually, it wasn’t that bad, it just wasn’t the Louis Vuitton image I had in my head,” Patty laughed.

“Not only that, but there was also the skinned knee, and the sprained ankle, that we won’t talk about today. So, no – there wasn’t anything out there like this, and yes… it is MY concept! I am the Astro-Durance© Bungee Arena creator and test pilot! Each day the concept is tweaked a bit more, a little bit here, and a little bit there.”

Patty recalls the day she worked on her second prototype with a manufacturer. “He had never made a bungee for the type of use I was going to use it for. He told me as far as he knew, no one was using the bungees for something like this. So he was excited to help custom manufacture it.”

When the prototype was finally working the way Patty had envisioned it, the clock was ticking to get the product finished before the doors opened at P2 Personal Training. And of course, there was also the vertical wall tramp that she needed to be built.

“You just don’t go to Sam’s club or Dick’s Sporting Goods and say, ‘I want a 24 foot by 10-foot wall trampoline please!”

“Now do ya?”

“That’s when my manufacturer, (bless him – more Bungee Angel Prayers), looked at my design and said, “Okay… yea. I can build it.”

“So we have another customized first. A one of a kind, designed to allow specialized performance moves and, of course, to literally bounce off the walls!”

There are accolades for Astro-Durance© that are all over the P2 Personal Training website and video testimonials can be viewed on P2 Personal Training’s Facebook page and their YouTube channel.

The bottom line is this – Astro-Durance© defies all we thought we knew about fitness! Cardio is revved in a minute or less, causing our metabolism to kick into serious fat-burning mode. Special analysis equipment from a medical sports injury expert recorded 415 calories burned in just a little over 10 minutes.

“It’s just amazing. One of our Astro Hero Clients, Heather, has lost close to 45 pounds in her first two months! All of P2 Personal Training’s clients that are using Astro-Durance© are shedding unwanted weight, but Heather is our special Astro Hero. She started with us when we opened and is always encouraging others that they can do it too!”

Patty has attracted an experienced team of professional trainers that work together like clockwork. “Without my Astro Hero Trainers, we would be just another studio. What makes P2 Personal Training stand out above the rest is the experience our team brings to the table combined with my Astro-Durance© Training Program. I worked hard to put together routines that fit all fitness needs. We are always evolving.”

As the world of fitness evolves, Patty is not only evolving with it, she is pioneering the way – telling everyone she meets to – “GET YOUR BUNGEE ON!”
As any winner will attest, you can put on a cape and call yourself a hero but the proof of an Astro Hero is in the performance! P2 Personal Training is unique and each Astro-Durance© Hero brings their own special talents, skills, and experience into the Astro-Durance© Bungee Arena!