Meet Astro-Hero Trainer Chad Frazier

What do you think the odds would be to enter the world of fitness if you grew up in a home environment that nourished it from the cradle on? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get theChad 1 400 correct answer to this one – it was bound to happen!

“I grew up immersed in fitness my entire life”, Chad Frazier said with a smile. The same smile he is now recognized for at P2 Personal Training by both clients and staff alike. “My father is an exercise physiologist, and my mom is a physical therapist. I was in sports all my life – I grew up ‘BREATHING’ health and fitness.”

Chad Frazier, a Certified Personal Trainer and entrepreneur, joined P2 Personal Training’s list of Astro-Hero Trainers shortly after they opened the Astro-Durance Bungee Arena in Cape Coral, Florida. When asked why he teamed up with Patty Cummings, owner and developer of Astro-Durance Bungee Training, he was quick to answer, and again, with a smile.

“I am impressed with the Astro-Durance Bungee portion of P2PT. I believe in the product. A lot of the issues people run into in a gym workout, over time, has an adverse effect on joints. Astro-Durance helps people to safely work out their muscle groups and have a lot of fun too.”

Chad has a dedicated career in helping others achieve their goals.

Chad 2 400“Fitness is a part of who I am. I love it and understand the benefits of it. No matter what their goal, it is rewarding to help others, whether it is someone who wants to put on muscle mass, or someone who wants to trim down and tone.”

We asked Chad what he felt the biggest challenge was for him as a personal trainer. His answer rings true and spoken from the heart like a well-seasoned mentor.

“The biggest challenge is helping someone to believe that they are able to accomplish what I already know they can. When a person becomes more secure about their body, the emotional benefits are great to see, especially when a person becomes more confident. Their biggest challenge is also my greatest reward. I actually love being able to help people reach their goals and impact their lives. I love being a piece of the small puzzle to help them be able to do that.” In return, Chad’s clients have given him many praises on his personal training techniques and look forward to working out with him.

They like the studio atmosphere and, of course, they love the Bungee! The studio has a certain flair, but what makes it great are the Astro Hero staff and Astro Hero clientele! Patty Cummings, owner of P2 Personal Training and creator of the Astro-Durance Bungee Program is proud to have Chad on her team of Astro Hero Trainers. Chad describes working with Patty at P2PT this way…

“I like working with Patty. She seems to have a great relationship with her clientele. When a person has that personal relationship, people become a part and want to come in. It’s positive.”

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